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CPE and Testing Questions
Are all your CE courses approved for RD/RDNs and DTRs?
Yes. Skelly Skills is accredited as a continuing education provider by the Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR); therefore, ALL our CE courses are automatically approved for continuing education for RD/RDNs and DTRs.
Do I have to take the test all in one sitting or can I stop and start the exam online?

You can save and restart the exam multiple times. Make sure to click the 'next' button at the bottom of the page and it will save all your work thus far. When you log back in, it will take you back to the page of the exam where you left off.

How do I get my Certificate of Completion for your 1-hour CE webinars?

This depends on what type of course you completed:
If you attended a live webinar: we email your CE Cert 24 hours after the live webinar. You must complete the Feedback Survey first.
If you watched an on-demand one-hour webinar: you will complete your Feedback Survey at The instructions and link to the Feedback Survey for that webinar are located at the bottom of the webpage where you watched the webinar. Once you complete the Feedback Survey, your CE Certificate will immediately be available for download and/or printing.

How do I login to do my CE exam testing?

The instructions are on the first page of the CE Evaluation booklet PDF you received (Note: they are sometimes located in the back of your CE book if it was published by Skelly Skills).

1. Please go to our testing website:

2. Assessment ID: [insert here]

Password: skellyskills

How many times can I take the exam?

You can take the exam multiple times without penalty until you pass. Once you pass, you'll receive your CE Certificate of Completion immediately via email.

I canít access your free CE articles/webinars listed on your website. How do I do this?

A pop-up should appear automatically on the product page for all of our free CE webinars and article. If it doesnít appear, this means your browser settings do not allow pop-ups and/or are preventing this pop-up from appearing for some other reason. Please email us at with the following info: 1. the name of the free CE webinar and/or article you would like to have access to and 2. the email where you would like us to send the CE webinar and/or article. We will typically respond within 24 hours during normal business days.

What are the CDR's guidelines on rollover of CPEUs?
The Commission on Dietetic Registration allows RD/RDNs to rollover 15 CPEUs per 5 year reporting period, and DTRs to rollover 10 CPEUs. **The guidelines for doing so are very specific and must be followed. For more information on the guidelines on rollover CPEUs, please go here:
What score must I get to pass and receive my CE Certificate?

1. you must get at least 70% of questions correct to pass the exam.

2. if you do not, the system will show you ONLY the questions you got incorrect on the next pass. **You must then answer 70% of THOSE questions correctly to pass the exam. This is true EACH time you don't get 70%--the system will show you only the questions you answered incorrectly, and you must get 70% on THAT subsequent attempt to 'pass' the exam.

How do I get my CPEU/CEUs when I purchase a Skelly Skills CE course?
  Skelly Skills uses an online testing system (located at  Each CE course you purchase will include information on how to access and use our online testing system, as well as the CE exam questions you'll need to answer.  

Once you're ready to get your CPEU/CEUs, simply log onto our testing site (at, and follow the directions to create an account.  Once you create your account, you'll need do the following three things:

1. complete and submit the online CE exam
2. complete and submit the online Feedback Survey and Reporting Form
3. download and save your CE Certificate of Completion (which you can access immediately after you've completed #1 and #2 above) for your records

That's it!  Happy learning!
How long do I have to complete a CE course?
  The expiration date of each course is listed on the product page. Check there to learn when the course expires. Each Skelly Skills CE course is initially approved for 3 years from date of course release. After that time, we will review the course for possible extension. If we end up extending the course, we will update the expiration date for that particular course on the product page. You can always check back there for the current course expiration date.
Where can I find the suggested Learning Needs Codes, Performance Indicators and levels for a CE course?
  On each CE course main page, scroll to the bottom of the page.  Under the section titled "Performance Indicators and Learning Needs Codes", you will find this information for that course.

**Please keep in mind: these are SUGGESTED Performance Indicators (PIs) and Learning Needs Codes (LNCs) only.  CDR allows you to apply ANY PI or LNC to a given course if you believe it applies. For Suggested Learning Level, next to the 'Performance Indicators and Learning Needs Codes' tab, there is another tab titled 'Continuing Education Specifics'. Click this tab to see the suggested learning level for this course. Please be aware the same guidelines apply as do for PI's and LNCs--you can apply any learning level to a given course that you feel applies.
Can I use Skelly Skills CE courses toward my Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist (CDCES--formerly CDE) continuing education recertification requirements?
Yes. The Certification Board for Diabetes Care and Education--the CBDCE (formerly the NCBDE)--which certifies CDCESs (formerly CDEs) states that any CPE provider accredited by the Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR) is a Recognized Continuing Education Provider for CDCESs. Skelly Skills is accredited as a CPE provider by CDR; therefore, we are automatically approved to provide continuing education to CDCESs.
Further, the CBDCE states "All CDCESs who select renewal of certification by continuing education will engage in a personal assessment to identify professional needs and participate in appropriate activities that are inclusive of the Examination Content Outline in the current Handbook." For more information on how to renew your CDCES by continuing education, please click here.