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Beyond a Bite Professional Edition: Practical Approaches to Sensory and Feeding Challenges With Autism Spectrum Disorder and Neurodivergent Clients (16 CPEU/CEUs) (eBook version) Beyond a Bite Professional Edition: Practical Approaches to Sensory and Feeding Challenges With Autism Spectrum Disorder and Neurodivergent Clients (16 CPEU/CEUs) Adaptogens: Herbs for Strength, Stamina, and Stress Relief Continuing Education CE course
Antioxidants and Functional Foods for Neurodegenerative Disorders: Uses in Prevention and Therapy Continuing Education CE course The Mind-Gut Connection Continuing Education CE course Skinny Liver Continuing Education CE course
The Obesogen Effect Continuing Education CE course Mitochondria and the Future of Medicine Continuing Education CE course Heal Your Oral Microbiome Continuing Education CE course
Wild Fermentation The Flavor, Nutrition, and Craft of Live-Culture Foods Cannabis As Medicine Continuing Education CE course The Genomic Kitchen
Phytopharmacy An Evidence-based Guide The Blue Zones Solution: Eating and Living Like the World's Healthiest People (16 CPEU/CEU) Gluten Free The Definitive Resource Guide
Mind Over Meds Andrew Weill Continuing Education CE course The Collagen Diet: Rejuvenate Skin, Strengthen Joints and Feel Younger by Boosting Collagen Intake and Production (11 CPEU/CEUs) Peak New Science of Athletic Performance Sports
Growing a Revolution Nourished Planet: Sustainability in the Global Food System The Weight of Shame Webinar Series: Helping Your Clients Break Free from Shaming (5 CPEU/CEU)
Understanding Obesogens and Their Impact: Essential Info for Every Dietitian  (1 CPEU/CEU) Advances in Mitochondrial Research: A Primer for the Nutrition Professional (1 CPEU/CEU) Hot Topics in Nutrition and Lactation: Supporting Pregnant and Breastfeeding Clients (1 CPEU/CEU)
How to Nurture Client Motivation: Using the Measuring Progress Tool (1 CPEU/CEU) Collagen: Ancient Medicine Meets New Research--Implications for Your Practice and Clients (1 CPEU/CEU) Focus on Behavior: Using a Weight-Neutral Approach with your Diabetes Clients (1 CPEU/CEU)
How Food Affects Blood Glucose: Exploring the Many Uses of The Blood Sugar Rocket Analogy (1 CPEU/CEU) Helping Your Clients Tame Their Food Phantoms (1 CPEU/CEU) Helping Kids Notice Hunger and Fullness: Using the Drum Roll Technique (1 CPEU/CEU)
Fermentation: Nutrition and Health Benefits and Do-It-Yourself Basics (1 CPEU/CEU) Crunchy Colors: Enhancing Childhood Sensory Experience Through Visual Cues and Textures (1 CPEU/CEU) Culinary Genomics for the Nutrition Professional: Understanding and Using the Gene-Food Connection in Your Practice (1 CPEU/CEU)
Empowering Diabetes and Prediabetes Counseling: 3 Keys to Effective Education for Diabetes Self-Management (1 CPEU/CEU) Blood Glucose Experiments: Using Client Activities and Motivational Interviewing for Diabetes Management (1 CPEU/CEU) Curious Chefs: Educating Kids on Safe Food Practices and Mindfulness Through an Interactive Cooking Experience (1 CPEU/CEU)
Being Your Own Boss: How to Successfully Navigate Nutrition Entrepreneurship (1 CPEU/CEU) Effective Counseling When Time is Short: Using Motivational Interviewing in 5-7 Minutes (1 CPEU/CEU) Effective Virtual Coaching for Diabetes and Other Chronic Conditions: Best Practices for Dietitians (1 CPEU/CEU)
Going Beyond a Bite: A Mindful Eating Approach for Pediatric Autism and Neurodivergence (1 CPEU/CEU) Grounding in Present Moment Awareness: How a Mindful Eating Practice Can Nurture Mental Health and Nourish Well Being (1 CPEU/CEU) (eArticle) Going Gluten Free: Separating Fact From Fad (1 CPEU/CEU)
(eArticle) Mindful Eating and Mind Mapping: Help your Clients See What 'Is" in Order to See What's Possible (1 CPEU/CEU) FREE! (eArticle) Ethics and the Dietitian in the Digital Age (1 CPEU) FREE! (eArticle) Six Simple Steps to Using Mindful Eating with your Clients  (1.5 CPEU/CEU)