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We are an accredited provider of Continuing Professional Education for RD's, DTR's and CDE's. Our goal is to provide practical skills you can use now in your nutrition practice. Since 2004, we've been helping RDs, CDEs, and DTRs improve their practice.

The mission of Skelly Skills is to provide RDs with the business, technology, communication and education skills for more effective dietetics practice, and more fulfilling and successful nutrition careers.

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About Sheila Kelly, MS, RD President, Skelly Skills

Welcome! I'm Sheila Kelly, MS, RD, and my passion is helping RDs achieve career fulfillment through continuing education that's relevant, practical and of immediate benefit to you. I don't see the point in providing a lot of theory unless it's translated directly into making you and your practice better.

Here's a little about my background: I spent years working with clients on diet and nutrition issues, including in private practice, and as a CDE overseeing a diabetes education program, clinical dietitian, clinical nutrition manager, and bilingual public health nutritionist.

During this time I became increasingly interested in the Internet and technology, and began consulting for several nutrition and health websites, advising on everything from content development to online nutrition software strategy.

In 2000, I moved to the technology space full time, as Director of Program Development at, NY, NY an online health and nutrition website. From there, I moved to, NY, NY where I spent years developing and marketing online and handheld weight loss products and services. As Senior Director, Product Development, I managed all phases of's online weight loss product development and evolution. I'm a co-inventor on two weight-loss technology patents.

I've also done substantial media work, including appearances on CNN Headline News, CNN Financial News, Good Day New York, Glamour, Vogue and many others. I've appeared in numerous videos for HealthiNation--a health video-on-demand cable and broadband network--and serve on their advisory board.

During my time at, I became increasingly interested in the intersection of business, technology and nutrition. I also appreciated the need for RDs to be on top of trends and emerging topics to stay competitive in the world of nutrition and behavior change. I began looking for ways to share my knowledge and experience with other dietitians, and Skelly Skills (formerly Skelly Publishing) was born.

I am a 'true believer' in the need for business, communications and nutrition best practices to converge, and am passionate about keeping RDs abreast of trends, and how to successfully capitalize on them. The continuing education programs Skelly Skills develops reflect this commitment. We strive to provide skills and information you can't find anywhere else, and innovative ideas to make your clients and your practice excel.

Here's to your professional success.

Healthy Regards,

Sheila Kelly, MS, RD

President, Skelly Skills