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5 Minute MI Motivational Interviewing Nutrition 5 Minute MI Motivational Interviewing Nutrition Say Hola! to glycemic control Spanish for diabetes educators
Say Hola! to Glycemic Control: Spanish for Diabetes Educators (10 CPEU / CEU)
Clinic pricing (up to 10 users): $499.00
Single user price: $99.00
Using the Weight-Neutral Diabetes Counseling and Education Activities (7 CPEU) La Nutricionista Esta Lista! Spanish for WIC Nutritionists (10 CPEU / CEU) The Weight of Shame Webinar Series: Helping Your Clients Break Free from Shaming (5 CPEU/CEU)
La Nutricionista Esta Lista! Spanish for WIC Nutritionists (10 CPEU / CEU)
Clinic pricing (up to 10 users): $499.00
Single user price: $99.00
Advances in Mitochondrial Research: A Primer for the Nutrition Professional (1 CPEU/CEU) Addressing Emotional and Disordered Eating with your Diabetes Clients: Counseling and Goal-Planning (1 CPEU/CEU) Hot Topics in Nutrition and Lactation: Supporting Pregnant and Breastfeeding Clients (1 CPEU/CEU)
How to Nurture Client Motivation: Using the Measuring Progress Tool (1 CPEU/CEU) Collagen: Ancient Medicine Meets New Research--Implications for Your Practice and Clients (1 CPEU/CEU) Helping Your Clients Tame Their Food Phantoms (1 CPEU/CEU)
Helping Kids Notice Hunger and Fullness: Using the Drum Roll Technique (1 CPEU/CEU) Fermentation: Nutrition and Health Benefits and Do-It-Yourself Basics (1 CPEU/CEU) Simplifying Portion Sizes: Using Mindfulness to Create a Visual Cue (1 CPEU/CEU)
Crunchy Colors: Enhancing Childhood Sensory Experience Through Visual Cues and Textures (1 CPEU/CEU) Culinary Genomics for the Nutrition Professional: Understanding and Using the Gene-Food Connection in Your Practice (1 CPEU/CEU) Empowering Diabetes and Prediabetes Counseling: 3 Keys to Effective Education for Diabetes Self-Management (1 CPEU/CEU)
Blood Glucose Experiments: Using Client Activities and Motivational Interviewing for Diabetes Management (1 CPEU/CEU) Curious Chefs: Educating Kids on Safe Food Practices and Mindfulness Through an Interactive Cooking Experience (1 CPEU/CEU) Being Your Own Boss: How to Successfully Navigate Nutrition Entrepreneurship (1 CPEU/CEU)
Effective Counseling When Time is Short: Using Motivational Interviewing in 5-7 Minutes (1 CPEU/CEU) Effective Virtual Coaching for Diabetes and Other Chronic Conditions: Best Practices for Dietitians (1 CPEU/CEU) Going Beyond a Bite: A Mindful Eating Approach for Pediatric Autism and Neurodivergence (1 CPEU/CEU)
Finger Food Discovery: Fostering Childhood Internal Cue Recognition Through Food Activities (1 CPEU/CEU) Help Your Clients Thrive this Holiday Season with the Healthy Mind Platter (1 CPEU/CEU)