How does all of this work?

Ok, here's the big picture!
1. Skelly Skills offers two types of Continuing Education (CE) (Some of you call this Continuing Professional Development--CPD--same thing!) The two types of CE we offer are: 1. self-study CE courses and 2. CE webinars. For each of these types of CE, we offer Continuing Professional Education Units (CPEUs--some of you called these CEUs, clock hours or CPD hours. Same thing!)
2. The only reason #1 matters is because of the CE exam--our self-study CE courses all include a CE exam. This is important for some of you because you need assessable CPD hours, or you *may* be limited by the number of self-study hours you can accumulate. Our CE webinars do not include a CE exam (though there are a few exceptions--mainly the ones that include with multiple webinars.)
3. For our self-study courses, you need to complete the CE exam at our online testing system. It's easy and you'll get your CE Certificate of Completion as soon as you pass the course. For our CE webinars, there is no CE exam, once you attend (live or recorded) and complete the Feedback Survey, you'll immediately get your CE Certificate of Completion.

So, these are the steps:
Step 1...Visit Skelly Skills and choose the topic and book you want to study. The number of CPEUs/assessable CPD hours are shown--usually between 12-25 hrs. (Note to international customers: you can change the currency if you need to in the upper right corner!)

Step 2...Pay online--you'll get virtual courses immediately or else you'll receive the book in the mail along with the CE exam booklet (we call this a 'CE Evaluation').

Step 3. Read the book and complete the CE Evaluation (training package) as you go along. Once you have finished, complete the exam online (the same questions you answered in the CE Evaluation.
That 's it! Once you have passed your exam, you'll receive a PDF certificate of completion which includes the number of CPEUs/CEUs/assessable CPD hours.